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Coco Xpress are a 4 or 5 piece lively and entertaining Latin salsa band, playing popular modern salsa and merengue dance hits. They are based in London, Great Britain, but have travelled all over the world, from Dublin to Dubai!
Coco Xpress band started with a bang 14 years ago in 1998, playing a residency at a salsa club abroad in a Mediterranean resort, and on their return to London they rapidly grew in fame, playing weekly at all of the UK's top salsa dance venues and at many private/corporate/wedding party events.
In 2010, they were named "the face of BRUGAL Dominican Republic Rum", following a 2 day promotion and advert filmed at London’s Heathrow Airport's World Duty Free! You can still see them performing on the Duty Free video wall screens at all UK airports nationwide!
Hailed as one of London's 2 hottest salsa bands for the last 10 years, Coco Xpress is a frequent appearer at all the festivals, salsa events and club nights on the Latin scene.
Playing Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Bugaloo, Cha Cha Cha, Cumbia, Lambada, Latin Pop  and more - representing all the popular Latino rhythms and countries, from Cuba to Colombia via Santo Domingo, this band will guarantee an excellent night's entertainment, for top dancers and left-footed tropical party-goers alike.
"Coco" means coconut in Spanish, and this band is guaranteed to bring you all the flavour and heat of Latin America and the Caribbean.
One of the reasons Coco Xpress salsa band is so loved by its fans is that they always have the same line-up of great musicians, playing with great swing without sheet music, with slick choreography and a great rapport with the crowd.
They are also known by some agencies as  “HAVANA NIGHTS” band.
The line-up:
Coco Xpress features Ecuadorian singer Jorge Trujillo with not only a rich voice but also an entertaining manner and some slick dance routines.
Also in the front line is female alto sax/ flute player/singer Nina Jaffa: not only a strong musician but also a smooth dancer - to make the band as easy on the eyes as it is on the ears!
The line-up is rounded off with Biembo Moreno from the Dominican Republic swinging on bass guitar/vocals, Dominican Wilson Batista "El Diablo" - a maniacal devil at the piano, and Colombian Alejandro Martinez on conga drums - a talented group of musicians who know that on-stage presentation and lively performance is every bit as important as talented musicianship.
As a 4 piece salsa band, they comprise 4 singing musicians - and playing hand-percussion, piano keyboard, bass guitar and sax/flute, with sequenced percussion. They all sing backing vocals (live!) making it a very strong unit. With the addition of a 5th musician, you get live conga drums to really get the groove going. On request, extra musicians and professional salsa dancers can be added for a special show. They can also bring a professional DJ (in any style). 
What Latin music styles do they play?:
Coco Xpress can play 100% Latin salsa music when requested, but their unique line-up guarantees the best genuine Merengue music of any small band in the UK, as they have 2 Dominican musicians - from the home of Merengue music - the Dominican Republic. Many newcomers to Latin music find merengue music much more enjoyable, accessible and easy to dance to than Salsa music, and just as much fun!!  They can also play plenty of well-known Latin-Pop tunes (eg La Bamba, La Vida Loca, Mambo # 5, etc etc) to guarantee your guests running onto the dance floor!
What events are they suitable for:
Coco Xpress salsa band is equally suitable for parties, weddings (more than 900 played so far) and corporate events as it is for full-on Salsa club/ dance nights, and will bring a repertoire of songs suitable for whichever occasion. They can also provide I-pod background music between sets, professional dancers or displays, dance classes, DJ's and other ideas to make the evening swing. They are based in London, England with frequent appearances in the Capital's busiest salsa venues, but will travel anywhere, have many times been brought to private parties/festivals in the Arabian Gulf (Bahrain, Dubai, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and more) and performed for 3 months on a luxury cruise liner all around South America to Rio in Carnival!
They are all professional Musicians, and carry state-of-the-art professional Peavey PA sound equipment, and all their equipment is of course fully PAT safety tested. They are covered by Public Liability insurance to £10 Million, certificate available to check on request, by venue managers.
To contact the salsa band direct: call Tel: (+44) 020-8808 4290, 
(+44) 07956 395018 or
Coco Xpress‘ identity message:
“One of the most remarkable things about Coco Xpress salsa band is that we truly feel like a family - we (unusually) are the same musicians at every gig, and our fans tell us that it really comes across in our performance and charisma. In our 14 years of existence, we have only changed our singer, bass player and conga player once! That is true dedication, the band is our life, and has witnessed the arrival and growing-up of our various children!”

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